The Road to Skinny

Hi everyone!

I’m a young, self confessed food lover who loves nothing more than to cook, indulge in my various and frequent sugary desires, and come up with new and exciting things to snack on.
However, in 2010, during my year abroad, I made the decision to lose a lot of excess weight I had been carrying around since high school. As a result, my usual carefree attitude towards food had to stop. I had to be self disciplined and restrictive concerning food.

By the end of the year, despite some pessimistic comrades, I managed to lose 30 pounds, and have so far kept it off! Nevertheless, I still combat the desire to overeat at each meal, in order to maintain my weight.

The diet never ends...even at a restaurant!

This blog will be all about the diets I went through to lose the weight, as well as the various issues I often encounter trying to maintain my weight! Any of this sound familiar? Subscribe to my blog, and let’s diet… together xx


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